Clear Digital aligners by Dr Dan Shaffer

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you have crowded teeth, too much space or an uneven smile? Do you look in the mirror and wish you had straight teeth or dread being caught on camera because you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look?

You’re not alone as 91% of people say they feel more confident when their teeth look good and 4 out of 5 people in the UK think that straight teeth make a person look more attractive.

With social media becoming a greater part of everyone’s lives these days wouldn’t you like to be confident in your smile?

Deciding to have orthodontic treatment as an adult is becoming more and more popular but one factor that puts a lot of people off is the thought of having metal wires and brackets on show, especially for those people who tend to work closely with the public or who feel their social peers would judge their decision.

Well there is a simple and effective solution to all these problems: Clear Digital aligners.

We use a system of clear aligners that gradually and effectively straighten your smile over a period of months.

There are no unsightly wires or brackets, instead small custom designed tooth coloured buttons can be placed on only some of your teeth so that specific movements are made, and your aligner is easily held in place.

You can eat whatever you want during your orthodontic treatment just so long as you make sure your teeth are clean before popping your aligner back in again. No more fear of getting your salad or other foods caught in your orthodontic wires. Clear Digital Aligners are more hygienic than conventional orthodontic treatment as well as giving you more confidence to eat out in public!

Your treatment begins with a consultation and examination to make sure your mouth is nice and healthy and then records are taken of your mouth. We then use these records to plan your orthodontic journey. I can even show you a simulation of your case so you can see how your teeth will move every step of the way and give you a glimpse of that all-important beautiful new smile.

Once you approve your case your aligners will be delivered within 2 weeks and your journey can begin. You will usually be asked to replace your aligner every 2 weeks with a new one but if your case is going exceptionally well you may find you can change your aligners weekly and complete your treatment in half the time!

Once your Aligner treatment is completed there are many options available to further enhance your smile with tooth whitening, smoothing any chips or worn areas, restorative treatment where needed and injectables if desired to produce symmetry of the lips or reduce a gummy smile.

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