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Leaders in cosmetic dentistry, one of the first things people notice is your smile. It is one of your most important assets and can change the way you look and feel forever. Thanks to advances in dental techniques and technologies, Pure Dentistry can help you attain the perfect smile that you have always wanted. As a leading cosmetic dentist we use the most effective and advanced techniques and treatments to transform your smile. From tooth whitening and Invisalign to a complete smile makeover, we take the time to listen to you and understand your needs, so that you are excited about how your teeth look and how healthy your mouth feels. The results are dramatic and often immediate making you look and feel great instantly.

At Pure Dentistry we provide our patients with cosmetic dentistry treatment options which vastly improve the health and function of their teeth and gums. The treatments available are also designed to boost facial aesthetics by enhancing smiles. We provide a wide selection of cosmetic dentistry options for people to choose from, including:



Many patients who suffer from discoloured or stained teeth choose our professional power teeth whitening treatments. These are designed to restore the natural whiteness of teeth for a sparkling smile within just one hour. We also provide patients with home teeth whitening kits so that they can safely maintain their smile.


For those with gummy smiles we provide gum contouring treatments to reshape the gum line and improve smile aesthetics.


Teeth reshaping is achieved through gum contouring treatment or by the use of white composite fillings or porcelain veneers. The aim of teeth reshaping treatment is to achieve a natural looking, symmetrical smile.


White fillings, inlays and onlays are a metal-free solution with natural appeal. Porcelain or composite fillings are ideal for the filling of teeth cavities and fractures, restoring tooth cusps and worn teeth.