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General Dentistry is the bedrock of our work at Pure Dentistry, with regular check-ups and periodontal (gum) maintenance aiming to optimise our patients’ oral health for a lifetime of pain-free biting, chewing and smiling!

New Patients
Your first appointment will be for you to meet your dentist and receive a full dental examination, including periodontal (gum) and soft tissue screening.

Your dentist will then discuss any recommendations and options with you, and, if necessary, x-rays will be taken at this appointment. We use the latest in digital technology for all our x-rays, they can be shown to you on our screens in a matter of minutes and keep radiation to a minimum.


We believe in prevention before intervention. It is always better to help our patients to prevent tooth and gum disease, than intervene to repair the damage once decay has occurred. Our hygienists play a crucial role in this strategy, showing patients the best way to improve and then maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Although prevention is better than intervention, restorative treatment is sometimes required to remedy dental problems. At Pure Dentistry, we have the complete range of modern dental treatments at our disposal, and we will discuss the various treatment options with you – be they cosmetic fillings, crowns, bridges or inlays.


Leaders in cosmetic dentistry one of the first things people notice is your smile. It is one of your most important assets and can change the way you look and feel forever. Thanks to advances in dental techniques and technologies, Pure dentistry can help you attain the perfect smile that you have always wanted. As a leading cosmetic dentist we use the most effective and advanced techniques and treatments to transform your smile.