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Say Goodbye To Dentures! – Many of us struggle with normal day to day living, laughing and eating due to the inconvenience of wearing traditional dentures. They can slip during conversations and are known for causing pain. They are difficult to chew some foods with, and even affect the way favourite foods taste as the roof of the mouth is covered.

Your All-on-4™ smile is created by placing just 4 dental implants into the jaw, with a fixed bridge being attached the same day. Traditional dental implants are now acknowledged as the best alternative to dentures which can still be uncomfortable, wear loose over time and be unsuitable with certain food types.

However, not all people are immediately suitable for traditional implants, typically because they have insufficient underlying bone structure to support the titanium rod (or artificial root) that is fixed into the jawbone to support the new crown. Bone grafting and sinus lifts are possible to regenerate the bone in the area of the implant but this process can take 6 months and sometimes longer to carry out. For some, this may not be a viable or attractive option.

These implants are specially designed and placed at different angles within the jaw bone. This not only works around the problem of insufficient bone structure but also forms a very strong but unobtrusive structure to hold the fixed bridge in place.